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April 23 2017

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whoops looks like the writers at marvel need a reminder of their own characters’ origins before they do something else grossly offensive

hey, nick spencer!  i know you’re probably not reading this, but shut up and listen for a second, maybe you’ll learn something about respect.  do you know how many jewish people died during the holocaust?  somewhere between 5,000,000 to 6,000,000.

yes, you read that right.  five to six million people dead, all less than eighty years ago.

marvel comics have never skirted around this.  they made it a vital part of magneto’s history, one that shapes his attitudes and opinions more than anything else.  he’s been subjugated, and he’s not going to let it happen to his people - in this case, mutants - again.

so what, mr. spencer, are you accomplishing by having him join up with hydra beyond spitting in the faces of all those millions of dead?  you’ve taken a jewish character - created by JEWISH WRITERS AND ARTISTS - and signed him up with what’s clearly the marvel universe’s equivalent of the nazis.  what are we supposed to take away from this besides the knowledge that you are a cold, insensitive human being?

magneto deserves better.  the jewish community deserves better.  and you own the latter a hell of an apology. 

if you would be so kind as to reblog this if you feel insecure about your writing skills.

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Don’t come to me with your ‘behind the scenes’ nonsense, this is 1000000% how Leia Organa runs the Resistance

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April 22 2017

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Please tell me this means we are going to get a Deadpool style marketing campaign for this.

Me too.

i thought this was a joke because it obviously looks photoshopped but it’s real y’all

here’s a trailer

“YOU SINGLE-HANDEDLY RUINED THE WORD MOTHER FUCKER” - holy shit I can’t breathe i will see the movie for this line alone


April 21 2017

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My wife and I will take the girl. We’ve always talked of adopting a baby girl.

April 20 2017


Remember when Theresa May became PM and non uk tumblr was stanning for her cos she was a “strong female leader”, despite her literally fucking over women (and everyone else) on a regular basis 🙃

April 19 2017

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We’re coming for you.

April 18 2017

She Decides: A Global Response to Trump -- The Radical Notion

So I wrote a thing. I’m officially a writer who publishes under her own name now. :D

April 15 2017

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April 14 2017

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Leia on set of The Last Jedi

April 13 2017

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take a fuckin sip, babes

Sure, cats falling off things is funny, but NOTHING is funnier than robots miscalculating the speed, force or angle needed to complete a mundane task. NOTHING.

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A touching tribute to Carrie Fisher from this morning’s “40 Years of Star Wars” Panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando

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“Welcome to the top brass. I’m not about giving officers more responsibility, without the authority to go with it.”

April 12 2017






spicer said this shit during passover. like don’t believe for a second he made an innocent mistake, that he wasn’t aware of what he was saying.

like this is explicitly antisemitic and he clearly doesn’t understand why

he straight up doesn’t believe that German Jews were people

“he never used them on fellow Germans” the implication that german jewish ppl were somehow “not truly german” was quite literally at the core of nazi ideology, this is so incredibly mind-numbingly transparent.

By saying that he never used chemical weapons on “fellow Germans” (sean spicer’s words, not mine) he is basically saying that Jews/Romanis/gays/every other group targeted in the Holocaust weren’t German. Which is what Hitler was literally saying. He was saying that those people (even if they were German and their families had lived in Germany since…ever) weren’t German. And Sean Spicer is repeating that hateful ideology. That’s what was most offensive to me about this entire chemical weapons/Hitler saga. Not that he got the facts wrong about Nazi use of chemical weapons. That he validated and repeated Nazi ideology. Fuck this guy and this entire anti-Semitic administration.

Non-Jews please reblog, we need your support 

April 11 2017

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April 07 2017

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