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May 22 2018

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We are all excited about reports that Amazon is MAYBE picking up The Expanse, but until we get official confirmation:

Sign the petition if you haven’t yet, and ask others to sign: https://www.change.org/p/amazon-or-netflix-please-buy-the-rights-to-the-expanse-savetheexpanse

Let’s make it hit 150,000 before the next episode airs!

Watch the next episode LIVE on Syfy if you can, and ask others to watch!

Make some more noise on social media! #SaveTheExpanse

A Big Gay Mood


Young Conventionally Attractive Protagonist Girl: kicks ass, wears tank tops, spouts sassy one-liners, saves the world while looking cute, everyone around her falls in love with her instantly

Me: eh, she’s cool I guess

Middle Aged Female Mentor Figure With Slightly Questionable Ethics: *raises a single eyebrow*

Me: HOLY shIT?? holy shit. I am in LOVE

Title: The Emperess’s New Clothes
Characters: Chrisjen Avasarala, Bobbie Draper, Amos Burton
Pairing: Chrisjen Avasarala/Bobbie Draper
Rating: T
Summary: “I asked Amos for something else to wear. He gave me that.”
Before Chrisjen got that Razorback suit, she had a less agreeable option. Bobbie didn’t mind that at all.
Notes: This started out as a silly idea and then it grew into a silly fic. I don’t normally do anything this fluffy, but eh, Chrisjen and Bobbie deserve it.

Read it here


heteros: idk she lives like an hour away, that’s too far


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May 21 2018

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#it feels wrong that they’re this cute

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The Expanse - 3x01

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Shohreh Aghdashloo as Liliane Bellerose in Elementary S4E3 “Tag You’re Me”

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The Ladies of The Expanse 

May 20 2018

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What was she like?
Kinda mean, at first. I think I liked her.


my attention span as a 10 year old: *reads the Lord of the Rings trilogy in like two sittings*

my attention span now: *checks internet every 10 minutes during important task, opens new tab of same site I’m already browsing and got tired of*

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shuri + outfits

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